Last year, the first group of Form 1s got their laptops through the e-Connect and Learn program. However, to truly realise the potential benefits from of this new technology, demands more than just a roll out of computers. What is needed is an actual realignment in the way schools look at teaching and learning in the 21st century.
For me as the School Librarian, I have to consider how best I could adjust my practice to optimise this new opportunity. I usually see the Form 1s for only 45 minutes a week - if there are no public holidays or school events or issues with the weather. So I must create more instances for connection and engagement, if the Library Media Centre is to have any real impact on their learning. Online is where 21st century learners meet friends, socialise, have fun, find information. For many it is truly where they live.
So this is my blog, part of the Library’s new virtual look for 2011, which will include the school (and Library media centre's dynamic and interactive new website). Instead of them having to find time to come to the library, we will go with our learners beyond their classroom walls and if we are successful, be integrated into their lives and learning.

I am trying desperately to finish this up, or at least to have most pages and links up and running by Monday, so I can have 2-3 days of focus group feedback before we go live. Any comments, criticisms and suggestions will be gratefully received.

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